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What Veggies are Good to Eat?

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Only one in this picture...

The list of non-toxic or low-toxic vegetables is pretty short, according to Dr. Paul Saladino. They are really not vegetables at all; they are non-sweet fruit. They were designed to be eaten for the purpose of propagating the plant. They are:

  • avocados

  • olives

  • squashes

  • cucumber--if you remove the seeds and peel

So which veggie is low-toxic in the picture above?

Zucchini is a squash; therefore, if you remove the seeds and peel, you can eat the remaining flesh safely.

All other vegetables, and their parts consisting of the seed (nuts and grains included), the peel, leaves, stems, bark, or roots are toxic
--designed by the Creator for the purpose of self-preservation and propagation, and are toxic to humans. Any nutritional benefit is negated by the nutrient-blocking nature of these toxins.

Dr. Paul also allows that white rice--if well-cooked--is less toxic than other grains and can be eaten in small portions in an animal-based diet.

When cooked, some of these plant toxins are de-natured, as well as the nutrients in like proportion; therefore, the net benefit remains nil after cooking.

Other animal predators in the kingdom have digestive systems that are better-suited and designed to eat these plants safely and beneficially than that of humans. It's another example of how the food chain was designed to work, by a Master Designer.

Read the book!

Look for my other posts to come which expand on my views regarding evolution, in contrast to those of Dr. Paul's. I believe his arguments employing an evolutionary construct for justifying an animal-based diet are unnecessary; his analysis of scientific studies and other examples of currently-indigenous tribes are sufficient to substantiate his arguments.

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