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Taking my life back after 30 years of illness--at age 64

This is the final post from my old blog, posted a week ago. This may help give context to my enthusiasm for the Animal-based diet.

Wow. It's June 2022, and so much has happened with my health in the last five months.

  • About three years ago, I switched to a new naturopathic doctor, and she tested me with the Organic Acids Test (OAT). I was dealing with unexplained weight gain and a swelling belly. The test showed two things: 1. candida overgrowth, and 2. oxalate overload, both in the gut. A light dawned for me, that even though I had somewhat controlled my candida rashes for years with drinkable hydrogen peroxide on an empty stomach, they wouldn't reach the gut, and that's where the candida was hiding!

The oxalate issue was something brand new to me. Oxalates--what is that? My ND had me reduce my oxalate intake in my food, but she was searching online as much as I was for what foods to avoid. I did stop eating spinach and a few other foods for awhile, but to no effect. However, I did take oregano drops in a capsule for the candida, and after a few weeks my weight and gut-gas issues greatly improved. I went from 131 down to 117 pounds, for which I was very grateful. Also, I had started street-walking about two miles a day, instead of water-walking--another slight improvement, as it is weight-bearing and helped reverse my osteoporosis--but I could not endure any other exercises without severe cramping, weakness, and pain.

  • Shortly thereafter I started the AIP (AutoImmune Paleo) protocol at the ND's encouragement. That's when I began making liver pate' to eat every morning, and at point found my energy improved considerably. Still, I was greatly hindered by fatigue, and having more frequent "crashes." They were initially occasional, like every 6 months; but soon they were every 3 months, then monthly, and last November 2021, these crashes were every week. It took me nearly a week to recover, so I was very discouraged. I finally diagnosed what they were, on my own (as usual) by researching online. They were abdominal migraines, and every bit as bad as they sound. When I let my ND know, she concurred with my diagnosis and prescribed Rizatriptan, which stop the migraine IF I take it early enough at the first sign of onset. Still, it didn't get to the root of the problem, and I was always on edge, waiting for the smallest cramp to signal a new migraine, and carrying the Rizatriptan wherever I went.

  • Then in January 2022 I started researching the carnivore diet.

First, I want to say that God has always come through for me to give me one more piece of the puzzle on the way to ultimate healing--whenever that might come. This was no exception. Even though the AIP diet helped me go in the right direction, it didn't quite get me there. I've kept adding more organ meats in addition to beef liver, and this book--The Carnivore Code by Dr. Paul Saladino, M.D.--opened my eyes to how bad oxalates really are, and the many foods that are really high in them--many more than I realized! (See also

Yes, I had to give up some of my comfort foods, like chocolate, peanut butter, almonds, and coconut, but life is SO much better now without them! (I also informed my ND that I was getting off turmeric supplements immediately--against her recommendations--because it has among the highest level of oxalates of any "edible" food we know of.)

It turns out that candida overgrowth and oxalates in the gut could be related. Oxalates can cause gut dysbiosis, which in turn could lead to overgrowth of the wrong flora.

Once I removed most of the oxalates and many vegetables from my diet, I began to experience a radical improvement in my energy and pain levels.

After 30 YEARS of progressively worsening health, I am taking back so much of my life that I thought I would never have again! I'm imagining playing piano again. I'm weeding and working in the garden again (growing and eating squash, fruit and berries only 😏). I'm walking seven or more miles a day, and using the recumbent bike for 30 minutes a day--and I'm not triggering any more ab migraines!

While my weight remains at around 117 pounds, my abs are getting more muscle-y and my tummy is flattening, I'm working out and actually sweating! I can't believe how far I've come in just five months.

Now I can't help but tell everyone about this diet and tell them to read these books that have changed my life.

| "Animal products are "the most nutrient dense foods on the planet." -Dr. Paul Saladino |

Avoid those plant toxins in your life! You may think your body can handle it. How do you know they aren't accumulating in your body, until suddenly your health will break?

"I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, my great army, which I sent among you." -Joel 2:25

The irony of this biblical verse is not lost on me. All my attempts at being healthy by eating green things has stolen away years of my life. And now, I have hope that in the years to come, my ability to thrive will be restored as I leave those foods behind. No sense fretting over regrets. I did whatever I could to get better, and was given bad or incomplete advice. We're all learning--still.

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