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Summer Days Recipes

Some quick and easy animal-based dessert tips for the heat wave or all year round

I'm not much of a dessert baker, so I won't be testing and publishing a lot of sweets recipes. This is more of a list of tips for how to turn desserts into acceptably animal-based food--which isn't hard at all. Honey and butter are your Best Friends for all your dessert urges; use them without guilt.

The good news is: cheesecake is great! Ice cream is great! Frozen yogurt is great! (This assumes you are dairy tolerant.) Cookies, chocolate and cakes--not so much, unless you make some changes.

  1. Substitute sugar or sweeteners with honey or fruit juices. (Some might say maple sugar is okay too.)

  2. Fruit and berries are wonderful--with a couple of exceptions. I don't eat kiwi or figs anymore because of the seeds, but I do eat berries with their seeds, as their oxalate content is lower. Avoid goji berries, as they are nightshades.

  3. Mix grass-fed or organic yogurt with your favorite fruit or berries. I serve this with every dinner.

  4. Drizzle honey on plain yogurt and add a drop or two of vanilla or cinnamon extract. Combine #3 and #4.

  5. Use white rice flour in place of wheat flour in cookies and pastries. The texture is a little different, more grainy, and one might benefit by adding an extra egg or liquid. White rice is the least-toxic of the grains, but use in moderation.

  6. Use ground pork rinds in place of graham cracker crumbs, and add honey. Pork rinds are salty, so cut back on any salt in the same recipe.

  7. Turn an omelette into a dessert by adding fruit and honey.

  8. Make crepes using eggs, milk, vanilla, and honey, and top with a fruit or berry compote, also made with honey.

  9. Chocolate (dark or milk) is very high in oxalates! Do not despair. Make chocolate extract: mix one part cocoa powder with four parts Everclear (grain alcohol), and let it set for a few weeks. Use this for any chocolate flavoring instead of chocolate bars, chips, or candy. You will need to experiment with the amount to get the flavor you want.

  10. Pumpkin pie is another acceptable dessert, as pumpkin is a non-sweet fruit, along with all squash. Again, try using ground pork rinds or white rice for the crust--or go crustless. Do not use sweet potatoes as a substitute for pumpkin, as they are high in oxalates.

  11. Avoid all seeds, nuts, nut butters, and nut milks--also high in oxalates. Use good old dairy butter or ghee, or tallow.

  12. Make extracts of your spices, as described above for cocoa. It will make your spice cabinet smell wonderful!

Honey and Butter are your Best Friends for all your dessert urges; use them without guilt.

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