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"How can you call yourself CARING??"

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Maybe it won't happen, but I am imagining some hate mail in the future.

I can just hear the objections: "How can you call yourself The CARING Carnivore when you kill and eat animals??" There are several answers I have at the ready for that question.

  • The Caring Carnivore advocates for the humane treatment of all animals, and abhors their mistreatment as practiced by much of the agribusiness industrial complex. Therefore I support regenerative farming practices wherein livestock may roam freely in a clean outdoor environment.

  • The Caring Carnivore calls for an end to all government subsidies for farming and agribusiness. Subsidies have created an unfair advantage for large corporations over the mom-and-pop, family-based farming operations, distorted the free market, and allowed corporate profits to gain priority over consumer health.

  • The Caring Carnivore also calls for the defunding of the USDA and FDA and a removal or restructuring of safety regulations so that they are managed by the states, not the Federal government. With less centralized control, democratic forces will hopefully come into play to change those practices that are harmful to human and animal health alike.

  • The Caring Carnivore advocates for the proper management of the earth's resources, and abhors any waste of animal parts. It has been demonstrated that regenerative farming of beef will actually sequester carbon. Laws should be modified to allow various players in the meat industry to make maximum use or allow the sale of any parts not desired by their primary customers for other purposeful use.

  • The Caring Carnivore has personally attempted to utilize #Tongue-to-Tail eating, not only for the sake of my own health, but because it is good stewardship, and shows respect to the animal that sacrificed its life for my sake.

  • The Caring Carnivore operates from a Christian Creationist worldview, which holds all creatures, great and small, as a gift from our Creator, and the earth as a gift to mankind so that man can be fruitful, multiply on it, and subdue it for His purposes. God gave man plants, animals, and fruit at various times in the Bible (A separate article will expound on this idea.) Only man was declared "a living soul"--which implies that no other creatures have souls. God also gave man the unique ability to reason, test hypotheses, and draw conclusions regarding the most healthy path to take. While we don't all agree on what that path should be, I hope that we may continue to learn and grow in our knowledge of the creation and its benefits.

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