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Breakfast: steak with liver pate' and cheese

I made another batch of liver pate'. I'm weaning off toast, much as I like it, and using leftover steak as the base for this spread.

I keep it in cup or pint jars in my freezer and keep one at a time in the fridge for my morning breakfast, spread on carnivore-ish toast or steak and melted cheese on top.


2 lbs beef liver

½ lb ground ground beef

½ lb smoke-cured beef tallow (mm, like bacon fat)

2 pkgs cream cheese

¼ tsp each clove, pepper and curry extracts (homemade with everclear, has no oxalates)

1 tsp salt

Sometimes I use beef heart, but it's tricky not to overcook it.

Mix the liver, tallow and gr. beef with a blender and cook slow on low heat, adding extracts and mixing constantly until just browned and cooked through. (or leave somewhat rare, according to preference). When cool, return to blender and add cream cheese and salt. With a spatula, load into glass cups.

Options: add smoked salmon or beef bacon for a tastier experience!

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