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  • Arden Sleadd

Abdominal Migraines: Cured with Carnivore Diet!

Last year I finally diagnosed myself with Abdominal Migraines, also known as Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. This year I cured it with the Animal-Based (or Carnivore-ish) Diet.

My "crashes" started happening years ago. First, my stomach (actually, the intestines, centered at the navel) would have cyclic cramping, a lot like labor contractions. As they got worse I would be doubled over and panting with pain, until finally I would vomit once or thrice and the horrid cramping would ease. The session would last about 12 hours, and leave me wasted for a day or two.

Then the crashes started coming more often--once every three months, then every two months, then every 7 weeks, then every month--until last winter I had four in four weeks, lasting up to three days, with attendant fevers. It took me a week just to recover, so I hardly had any break anymore.

When I finally diagnosed myself, my doctor prescribed rizatriptan, which, if taken right at onset, would stop the migraine in its tracks. What a relief! The only problem was, the insert warned that if I took it too often, the migraines would start coming more often as well. And if I didn't take it soon enough, it did no good. I still had the constant fear of the next migraine starting out of the blue, suddenly, without warning.

Then I started the carnivore diet in February. I took my last rizatriptan in March, and I've had NO CRAMPING SINCE. It is the longest I've gone without an ab migraine in years!

Two of my children used to have migraines in their childhood, and now, it appears that one of my granddaughters has suffered from it as well.

It may not be so rare as we think--especially if it's caused by a diet that's high in plant toxins. Could it be you have it as well? Check this out.

It is said that the "disease" responds well to CO-Q10 and L-Carnitine. Well, guess what--carnitine is called precisely that because it is an amino acid that can only be found in animal foods!

Could it be that my family have all been malnourished--and full of plant toxins--all these years??

My mind wanders to other friends who are avowed vegans...and the health problems they have: cyclic vomiting; infertility; fibromyalgia, depression. Hmmm...

Maybe the reason chronic illness is so prevalent in our country today is because of poor diet and plant-based toxicity?

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