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How I Became A 
Carnivore Food Blogger

In January 2022 I began the transition from omnivore to carnivore. After trying paleo and keto for three years, I finally learned about the toxic load in many vegetables, and started eliminating them. Currently I eat animal foods, honey and fruit, following the Carnivore MD protocol. As a Christian, I also care about stewarding the earth properly, because it's the only planet God gave us in this life (so far).

On my old blog, MYFIBROFATIGUE.BLOGSPOT.COM, I attempted through the last 15 of 30 total years of illness to catalogue my latest "finding" that I so hoped would solve my problems. I would post with such enthusiasm about my treatments and changes to my diet. I recently put a "P.S." to each post that basically said, "This (insert new treatment) did little or nothing for me." Still I kept trying--looking for another provider, another clue on the internet, another study, another supplement, another drug. 

In the last year, in spite of many minor improvements, I started having abdominal migraines that increased in length, severity, and frequency. These ab migraines are devastating and scary; the prospect of triggering yet another one hung over my head. Every little stomach cramp stopped me in my tracks with dread, wondering if I should be popping another pill and trying all my comfort tactics--heat, oils, bed. The cramps would become so intense I was writhing and crawling on the floor, or in a fetal position, panting and whimpering from the pain. They usually ended only after one or more vomiting episodes. As they lengthened, I became feverish, as if my immune system tried everything to stop the progression of pain.

By December 2021 the ab migraines were coming nearly every week, while it took me a week to get back on my feet before the next one set in. This was no way to live. 

Then in January 2022 I started learning about and transitioning into the Carnivore Diet. By February I was all-in, and by March I was free of any more migraines!

You'll find out more details at my blog post, "Taking Back My Life with an Animal-Based Diet."

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